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Software Support Services

Why Customized ERP Software

Some unassuming customer once said “software is like ‘ektara’, only the seller plays it best”. But the seller can assist the user to play it the best. Software systems need unrelenting support throughout their life-cycle. BNG Infotech provides support to software as handling multiple IT systems, large networks, and complex ERP applications can be a challenging task for SME organizations. This results in disorientation, inefficiency, and reduced productivity. In addition, business expansion, ever-changing technology and shrinking IT budgets, further pose as serious challenges for organizations. BNG Infotech provides maintenance support for applications in the domain of transportation, logistics, manufacturing, distribution, and retail. The cross-functional systems like supply chain management, customer relationship management etc. require continuous support from the vendor.

BNG Infotech is the right platform

BNG provides online support, technology assisted remote support, and on-premise support to quick issue resolution, and to meet the service level agreements.