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ERP Implementation Methodology and Strategies

ERP Implementation Methodology and Training

We have 99% success rate in ERP software implementation, the majority of 1% failure only rate comes in where customer is not able to put in required infrastructure, particularly manpower for data entry in the system.


Success of any ERP is implementation

The reason behind the failure of most of the ERP systems is said to be bad or unplanned implementation plan and, BNG Infotech realizes this fact. BNG Infotech helps the user organizations implement its solutions with perfection and planning. BNG Infotech ensures that the software package once sold must be followed by adequate training, hand-holding support, data migration, third-party system integration, real-time performance enhancements, reports alignments, critical functions developments etc.

Our main implementation strategy is to provide a dedicated team of engineers at customer site for hand holding support and training, the dedicated team of support engineers is backed by highly experienced domain experts, developers and management team. Why do we deploy dedicated team of engineers during implementation phase? It's because, the transport, logistics and retail sector users are not highly qualified and requires more training and measures to build their confidence in using the system.

FIT & GAP Analysis:

Under this implementation phase, our implementation team with all users of the department, present software module and enter sample data in each process. The functionalities, which are missing in ERP software are noted down for detailed requirement analysis.

Requirement Analysis:

The GAP findings are further discussed in detail with users and management for customization in the software.


The software is customized as per requirement study document, after deep feasibility study. Quality Assurance Test is alsoways performed after any changes made in the software.

User Acceptance Test(UAT):

In this phase, the software is handed over to key users for entering sample data, any shortcoming identified at this stage are further corrected and finally, acceptance is received from users.


Group and individual traing is provided to users and middle level management team. Training to top management is provided after go-live.

Go Live:

The software system goes live afer converting master or any other required data in the new system. During this process our team is always available for hand holding support.


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