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Best Retail Software in India, Delhi, NCR

Best Retail Software for Supermarkets

eFacto is a complete Retail Management Software, which automates and streamlines your procurement, planning, point of sale billing, POS operations, supply chain and accounting operations. It is best suited for retail chains and stand alone store as well.

Planning & Procurement

Do you know how much to purchase, when to purchase and from where to purchase? eFacto Retail provides strong planning based on sales pattern, inventory levels and stock available.

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Vendor Contracts

Is your vendor supplying the agreed rate, agreed cash discount? Is vendor paying display charges or target based incentive? All these are best managed by the eFacto Retail ERP Software.

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POS Billing

eFacto POS Software comes with high accuracy level, best performance in the segment, feature rich platform, billing operator friendly and much more. Now no queue at billing counter.

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CRM & Loyalty Programme

Strong CRM in any organization helps in attracting new customers as well as retaining existing once. The Strong Loyalty Program makes our Retail ERP the best retailer choice.

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Making & Packing

Every retailer buys in bulks and sells in small packing sizes. eFacto Retail Management Software offers module for packing and making of new product from a mix of more than one.

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Accounts & GST

Accounting Software in Retail Management is integrated, which reduces manpower cost, eliminates data redundancy and increases accuracy level. It's also fulfills GST compliance.

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Chain Stores Data Synchronization, Central Warehousing, Integrated Accounting System, Secure &, Stock Adit through Mobile App, Dashboard On Your Mobile, makes it one of the best retail management system in India.

The Retail Management Software can be integrated with third party loyalty program software and other ERP Softwares. It's also integrated with handheld barcode scanners, customer pole display, card swiping machine and touch POS systems. These features have helped many retail companies in adopting best software components from various service providers and make them one by integrating them with our top most retail management software.


Benefits of Retail Software for Departmental Stores

eFacto® Retail Management Software offers a variety of advantages and benefits to the users who use it. Some of these advantages are listed below.

No Queqe at Billing Counter

POS Billing operations are optimized, it takes minimum time to bill article purchased by a customer. This makes retail billing counters without customer's long queue.

Happy Customers

eFacto POS Software applies rates, schemes and discounts with 100% accuracy at the billing counter. This makes customer satisfied without any complaints.

No Stock Pileup

Strong planning module in eFacto Retail Managemt ensures adequate availability of stock for sale and at the same time stops you in excess and unwanted purchasing.

All Chain Stores data consolidation

Centralized module consolidates data from all other stores in the centralized server. This is one of the unique functionality in eFacto Retal Software.

Increased Customer Base

No long queue at billing counter, accuracy in billing, customer's benefit by loyalty program and strong CRM in eFacto Retail Management Software helps in driving growth.

Hassle Free Compliances

eFacto Accounting Software for Retail maintains real time accounting data, our books of accounts and GST compliance is always ready to use and file returns.

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