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Best Manufacturing Software for SME

Manufacturing Software for Small Businesses


eFacto® Best Production & Manufacturing Software

Our Manufacturing Management Software is a production management solution suite that manages the complete manufacturing operation, from work order and route card to shop floor control, quality control, and job progress tracking. With support for multiple manufacturing processes, including Engineer to Order (ETO), Make to Order (MTO), Make to Stock (MTS), and more, you'll be able to improve process efficiency, reduce manufacturing time, control your production cost, better meet customer expectations, and speedup growth of your organization.

Supported Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing ERP supports variety of production strategies, which makes it most suitable software for metal based industries, engineering industries and paper based industries. Line Production, Assembly based manufacturing, BOM based production and Formula based BOM are supported manufacturing types.

Cost Control

Controlling manufacturing cost is dream of every business house. Are these houses able to control it? Manufacturing Cost can only controlled by putting right Manufacturing ERP Software. Manufacturing Industry allows to control by variety of effective controls like reduction in manpower, analyzing rejection and wastages at shop floor, analyzing work force efficiency etc.

Operational Expenses Control

Operational expenses are always booked from base document against material received or services availed by the organization. eFacto Operational expenses control system links bill passing process with material received in store, thus chances of excess expenses booking are eliminated. These features makes our ERP as one of the best Manufacturing Software.

Know Your Material Requirement

Know What order products are in stock. Plan and manufacture only items which are not in stock. Ascertains raw material required to meet the production Generate Indent/PO for the required material after considering stock in hand.

Schedule Your Production

Define your manufacturing resource. Link resources to machines. Define each sources capacity with respect to machine and product. Generate Production Schedule. Change schedule as per your need.

Optimized Production

Adequate material is always available at shop floor before production starts. Gives you flexibility to reschedule jobs, if material is not available. Analyze performance of resources lime manpower, machinery etc.

Our ERP Software for metal and steel processing is a comprehensive software solution for slitting and cutting of metal. The system provides real time inventory of coils, WIP and finished coils or sheets. mechanical and Mathematical formulas are in built-in in the system to calculate weight.


  • Customer Order
  • Work Order
  • Material requirement Planning
  • Job Card
  • Quality Control
  • Cutting Process
  • Sitting Process
  • Assembly Process
  • Heat Treatment Process
  • Machining Process
  • Finishing Process
  • Rejections
  • Rework Process
  • Job Merging
  • Job Transfer

Screenshots from Manufacturing Software


Bill of Material




Production Order


Job Card






Shop Floor-Shearing


Shop Floor-press shop




Job Tracking

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