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Best Retail Company Software in India

Supermarkets Retail Company Software

eFacto Retail Industry Software is a complete Retail Management Software for various retail format store, that includes Departmental Stores, Super market, Hypermarkets, apparels stores, Gift Galleries and Fruits and Vegetables Marts.


Departmental Stores

Departmental Stores face lots of challenges in the automation of their retail operations, few of them are managing a large number of SKUs, multiple barcodes for each product, multiple pricing of a single barcode and a large queue at billing counter. eFacto® Retail Management Software for departmental stores, hypermarkets and supermarkets has capabilities to handle large number of SKUs with multiple barcodes and pricing. The optimized billing operation never allows long customer queues at the billing counter, which makes it one of the best POS Billing Softwarein India. Some of the features of this retail formats are:

  • Optimized fast billing at counter
  • Bill Hold and recall facility to speed up the billing process
  • Auto popup opening for multiple price, multiple barcode product
  • Bill Recall in event of abnormal shut down of software or system
  • Support for multiple counters, operators and shits

Apparels & Fashion Shops

Apparels, footwear and garments formats of retail business find it difficult to manage various colors and sizes of a single product. Effect® software for apparels provides the best software to multiple colors and sizes of the same product. It captures multiple sizes and colors in matrix formats during inward or purchasing process, which makes it complete Retail Management Software in India.

  • Image capturing on goods inward and purchase
  • Instant image display at billing operation to ensure that the right product is being sold.
  • Report viewing with product image.
  • All repots with Size and Color matrix.

Gifts & Greetings

In Gift galleries, it's difficult to define the specification of product as every time new product comes in with a little bit change in specifications. eFacto Retail Management Software keeps less number of SKUs and identity of product are managed by lot/batch or unique barcodes. This advance feature in the eFacto ERP Software makes it advanced Retail Management Software. Some of the key features are given below:

  • Single product with multiple batches and prices.
  • Schemes and promotions based on SKU, product category etc.
  • All reports based on category, sub category and product
  • Reorder level definition on partent product code

Fruits & Vegetable Marts

eFacto Software for Fruits & Vegetable Mart is one top retail and point of software which allows image based touch billing at counters. The system is capable of handling billing by barcode scanning or product search. These features, in the Complete Retail Management Software are appreciated by fast growing fruits & vegetables marts in India. Some of the key feature are given below:

  • Fast POS billing as it is touch based
  • Daily automatic price change of all products as per latest price.
  • Repricing of old vegetables and fruits
  • Integrated with scan based POS billing system
  • Integrated with customer pole display, cash drawer etc.

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