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Best Cloud Logistics Software in India

Best Cloud Logistics Software in India

LOZICS® Best logistics Software for Logistics Management

Logistics ERP Software is one of the top most integrated software for Transport and Fleet Management.The system provides consignment costing, truck costing, lorry hire costing, trip costing, etc., which helps the management of the logistics company to take adequate measures to boost growth of the business. The logistics application software is fully online and can be hosted on cloud or on site premises of customer.

Transport Management

TMS Software is a cloud based ERP software to manage & controll movement of docket from booking point to final delivery.

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Fleet Management

Fleet Management System enables to take complete control over trucks by automating operations like routes, trip, fuel, workshop.

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3PL & Warehousing

Warehousing Management System or WMS fulfills all third party logistics requirement by warehouse structure and space utilization.

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CRM & Customer Service

Increase your services reach by lead management and satisfy your customers through complaint monitoring system.

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Contracts & Billing

Manage freight rate, detention, incentive etc. contracts in logistics software for applying them accurately in booking or billing,.

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Accounting & GST

Accounting for logistics is an integrated module with budget, approval, reconciliation, recurring transaction, outstanding and GST.

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HR & Payroll

Maintain your ├žompanay's salary records and HR operation in integrated payroll module of Logitics Software.

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Notifications & Alerts

Get yourself notified of critical business operations and intimate your customers on services critical points and delivery.

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Stionery & Document Management

Arrange adequate inventory of consignment, lorry hire, gate pass. etc. stationery at your branches by using Stationery module.

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Online & Cloud Based, Modular Approach, Integrated wtih Accounting System, User Definable Reports, Secure with Login Access Restrictions, Mobile Device Compatible, Best for Road Transportation, Best one for Air transportation, Beast for Train Transportation, Best for Train Transportation, makes it one of the best logistics management system in India.

The Logistics Management System uses Google API to capture the location and calculate distance between two stations. This feature has helped many logistics companies while calculating the cost of transportation.

The system has capabilities to import data from spreadsheets and integration with third party ERP system is very much possible in our logistics management software.


LOZICS®Benefits of Cloud Logistics Software

LOZICS is an excellent Logistics Managemet Software System which makes the job so easier by providing a range of benefits to customers, which drives growth, increase profitability, makes the business free from hassles and provides stress free life.

Systematic Processes

ERP System builds on certain business processes, which are tried and tested over a period of time, by using ERP software, these processes automatically implemented in the organization.

Control Leackages

Transport software provides checks and balances and every process and prevents user from manipulating records. Management Dashboard provides complete business insight at a click.

Reduces Process Time

Transport software provides business insights such as route comparison, early deliveries, delayed deliveries, etc., which enables organization in streamlining delivery time and drive business growth.

Resources Utilization

Logistics ERP allows you to monitor performance and utilization of your manpower and fleet by the way of reporting system, which helps you to utilize the resources in their best capacity.

Happy Customers

Docket tracking on customer's mobile, tracking on your website, customer portal are some of the features in transport software of Logistics ERP, which makes your customer feel happy.

Drive Growth

All these benefits provided in logistics and transport software help to reduce expenses, increase income, maximize profit and drive business growth in the long term.

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