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Manufacturing Company Software in India

ERP Manufacturing Company Software in India

eFacto® Manufacturing Company Software

Cloud Manufacturing Company Software

eFacto ERP Software for Manufacturing Companies is a complete Production Management Software for cutting tools, metal slitting and automotive component manufacturers.

Cutting-Tools Industrial

Industrial Cutting Tool

eFacto provides unique ERP Software Solutions for cutting tool industry. A single tool passes through a number of production stages before it is finally delivered to customers.

Handling Sub SKU on Order Receipt: Product's specifications like length, width, dia, thickness etc. are captured on receipt of order. Any changes in item specifications, before production, on approval of design are automatically changed backwards from job card to order.

Weight Calculations:Row Material Type link with Finished Product material type. Weight and Pcs based inventory units. Auto calculation of weight based on size of material.

Managing Multiple Stages & Sub Stages at Shop FloorUser definable production stages and sub stages like in grinding stage can itself have number of sub stages like rough grinding, width grinding etc.

  • Job transfer from one customer to another at mid of production.
  • QC at each production stage.
  • Assemble multiple job to make sets
  • Job card for rework.
  • Job transfer from one production unit to another

Metal Slitting Industry

eFacto ERP for Metal and Steel processing is for the metal fabrication companies, who undertake slitting and cutting work of metal.The system provides automated tracking of mother coils, WIP coils, finished coils and sheets.

Barcode for each Coil:

  • Unique barcode is generated for each mother coil received from customer from slitting or cutting.
  • Barcode is generated for each balance coil left in WIP after processing.
  • Unique bar coding with location number for every roll or packets.
  • Barcode based tracking of inventory, WIP and Slit or cut rolls

Plan & Swim SheeteFacto ERP for Precession and Metal Processing industry effectively plans calculates number of possible packets that can be generated from a single roll based on size specification provided by customer.Swim Sheet for number of possible packets based on predefined sizes from a mother coil.

  • Separate layouts for Slitting and Cutting.
  • Integrated Challan and Invoice.
  • Customer Specific reports for work in progress (WIP) and order tracking.

Auto Component & Engineering

Engineering industry faces challenge in managing order processing system, as mostly order are Make to Order (MTO), Engineering to Order (ETO) or Assembled to Order (ATO). Features include

Large number of SKUsSpecifications received from one order, in general, never matches with other one, hence makes challenge for creation and managing SKU for each order separately.

eFacto ERP Software for Engineering Industry makes it possible to limit the number of SKU's by product and material type only, other product specification, which vary from order to order like specification (size; length, width, thickness etc) are captured at the time of order generation.

eFacto’s internal engineering ERP architecture, internally generates sub SKU's or Barcode and apply them in the whole processes.

Capture SKU Sub Attributes on Order Entry

  • Dynamic product attributes in form like material type, type (round, flat etc.) and size.
  • Size creation with parameters like length, width, thickness, od, id etc. at Quotation/Sales Order
  • Row Material Type link with Finished Product material Type

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