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Retail POS Software for Supermarkets

Best Retail POS Software in India, Delhi, NCR


Retail POS Software for Billing

eFacto® POS is a PC based Point of Sale Software which is integrated with all modern POS devices and performs faster billing operations at POS counter. The supported retail formats in our Retail ERP Software are departmental stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, boutique stores, apparels & fashions, fruit & vegetables.

The counter Billing Software is possible by scanning of a product barcode, manual punching of product codes or barcode, advanced search mechanism by name or short name or attribute, and just touching of product in touch POS. The system is backed by backend Distribution and Warehousing software, which make efacto POS as one of the best Departmental Store Software in India.


Build on Strong, Secured and Reliable RDBMS database.

Easy to Use

Easy to use provides spreadsheet like working experience to users.

Customer Information

Captures customer data in billing screen itself.

POS Device Support

Compatible with all barcode scanners, printers, data capturing units, pole display, credit card, loyalty card.

Cash Management

Opening Cash at each counter, transfer, monitoring, handover and variance


Supports multiple locations, multiple counters, multiple users and shifts.

Schemes & Promotions

Supports multiple types of schemes including happy hours, instant, ticket value, single product, variant products.

Welcome Messages

Sends welcome messages to customer on every visti to store via SMS

Flexible Billing

Bill hold, bill recall after hold, draft bill transfer to another counter, easy search and reconciliation of items.

Payment Modes

User definable and access control modes of payments like cash, card, Paytm, credit etc.

Customer Loyalty

Use customer loyalty program to boost your sales

Company Schemes

Schemes given by vendors are attached during purchasing.

Attractive Features

  • Backed by strong Planning
  • Vendor Contract for targets
  • Display contract with vendor
  • MRP, Sale Price, Dealer Price
  • Dealer price for Wholesale
  • Check always sell above cost
  • Credit Billing for corporates
  • multiple pricing management
  • Managing multiple barcodes
  • Special prices for customers
  • Reprice with ease
  • Sales Person Targets
  • Integrated with orders
  • Fulfills all GST compliances

Screenshots from POS Billing Software for Retail Shops

Counter Monitoring

Counter Monitoring

counter handover

Counter Handover

Scheme Definition

Scheme Definition

Scheme Definition

Promo Scheme

Vendor Contract

Vendor Contract

Vendor Contract

POS Billing

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